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Warm minimalism: 4 keys to achieve it

If the strictest minimalism is a bit cold for you, we can always adapt it to a more relaxed and welcoming lifestyle by following some guidelines to give that long-awaited warmth, without overloading the spaces.
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Minimalism has always been a style to take into account every time we tackle a new contemporary housing project. Since the universally known "Less is more" by Mies van der Rohe still at the beginning of the 20th century, which was one of the greatest revolutions of the last century, rationalist architecture has been gaining followers. So much so that it continues to be the starting point of the vast majority of projects today. Hardly anyone now conceives of a newly built home that is not supported by the principles of Modern Architecture.

However, there is still a certain suspicion when we mention the magic word "minimalism" during a visit with clients. If animosity to these spaces arises for associating them with cold or impersonal environments, but at the same time we see that there is a clear interest in order and visual cleanliness, the solution is clear: warm Minimalism is the answer to structure a rational and emphatically simple but at the same time very cosy.

These are the 4 points that we always keep in mind when resolving the design of these spaces.

natural materials
The use of natural materials is always a success to make a space cozy. And we're not just talking about the ubiquitous wood. Yes, natural stones also help to create warmth to a design. Even marble, which is cold to the touch, has an indisputable connection with nature and that always fits into our sense of well-being.

Simple Shapes Ferm Living Rico

Lighting Santa Cole Basket

simple ways
The basis of a minimalist space is the choice of essential furniture pieces, avoiding the accumulation of unnecessary furniture or objects. But if we want these pieces to help create a space that is welcoming, they must also have an impeccable design, with simple shapes that can be organic or more geometric, but always without fanfare.

We cannot forget that when we have very open spaces and with few objects, the sound can be amplified, echoes appearing that do not exactly help to achieve that calm that is sought. For these cases it is a good idea to add textures through the finishes or include generous textile pieces to dampen the sound.

Textures Menu Gravel rug

proper lighting
The lighting project is just as important or more than the other aspects of a design, such as the distribution and selection of materials. To ensure that a residential space does not look like an eighties office, it is essential to opt for good technical lighting, working with precision on color temperatures. And it is also a good idea to rely on decorative lighting that provides another texture to a space.

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