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Couture Sofa 2 Seats

by Stua
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The Costura sofa pays homage to the noble tailoring tradition as it has guided its design process. In San Sebastián, the birthplace of great couturiers such as Balenciaga, it has been the custom for decades for small sewing workshops to dress the city's passersby in perfectly cut suits. Stua has wanted to recover this tradition, collaborating with expert craftsmen, to create an upholstery that is the tailored suit that covers an innovative interior structure.


25 - 35 days


Beneath its timeless appearance, the Costura collection contains a good number of innovations that make a difference.


  • Super fine structure: the interior of the sofa is made of molded wood. This thin and strong structure saves space behind the backrest. The subtle curve of the back allows us to place it anywhere in the room, even as a room divider.
  • Legs Your Style: Legs can be installed straight or at an angle, as desired.
  • Pillow-style cushions: each Costura seat has two cushions for backrest, which are also flippable. The largest is made of foam and the smallest and softest is filled with natural feathers.
  • Movable chaise longue: the chaise longue can be changed to the side of the sofa at any time.
  • Removable covers: Costura upholstery is carefully made using tailoring techniques. The entire Costura collection is completely removable.
  • STUA fabrics: offers 18 fabrics with different characteristics according to your needs: flame retardant fabrics, easy-clean fabrics, machine washable fabrics, resistant for installations or ultra-soft touch.
    Finish Upholstery to choose in textile or leather
    Structure material molded wood
    seat material
    Several layers of foam and viscoelastic. Fire retardant foam.
    Leg material Black powder-coated aluminum

    Structure backrest height : 70 cm

    Backrest height with cushion: 85 cm

    Seat height : 42 cm
    Width : 216cm

    Depth : 90cm


    Upholstery 2-seater

    Tapizado: Airone 410