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Interior Design Service

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Interior Design Service


Interior Design Service is the deep knowledge of luxury design, between artisan and innovative. It is the design service that shapes dreams, big or small.

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Since 1968 we have been designing and decorating exclusive spaces with the help of the experience of our interior designers and the most prestigious brand in the field of international design.

house projects
Office space design Contract spaces and large projects.
Tailor-made projects for each space of any extension, made according to the ideas and style of those who will live there. Design of work areas and representative areas according to functional requirements and brand image standards. Design of spaces, support for engineering and supply of furniture for large commercial environments, hotels, premises, cruise ships and yachts.

More than 50 years in the luxury design market.

Our interior design service is a path through luxury design and craftsmanship.

It is a research experience that begins with the project and ends with the realization of unique housing and work experiences, the result of the skills and awareness of our Designers.


We collaborate with clients to develop ready-to-live-in projects around the world.

Mohd Interior Design Service is a perpetual collaboration and dialogue between the client and the designer's staff, an approach that allows rapid projects to be produced that respect the technical requirements of the spaces involved.


Support in the design process.


For us, the design is not only the choice of materials and objects: we provide technical support and specific knowledge to face every possible problem of the project.


Understanding customer requests and proposing the best solutions means gaining empathy. To do so, our designers select the best languages ​​and tools.


In the operational phase of the project, executive draws and verifications are carried out in a constant dialogue between the client and the designer.


Mohd's interior design service includes logistics management, following different phases of furniture supply and delivery coordination.


The success of a project is the combination of experience and knowledge of design, quality and well done execution.

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Share the idea with Mohd designers

A short form will allow us to collect the main information about the requirements and style in order to assign the best designer for your project.

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discovering inspirations

Proposals for custom projects

The designer will make a project proposal in which furniture, colors and materials that shape the spaces will be present. After this phase, we will proceed to the realization of the real project.


The realization of spaces

The idea takes shape

The Designer will follow step by step the implementation of the project and will be a means between the professionals involved and the supply of chosen materials, to deeply respect the design project.


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Request a consultation from our team

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