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Environmental Commitment

Durable products. Sustainable investment.

The basis of our commitment to sustainability is to offer a selection of high-quality products, which has an impact on their long durability.

At Midimal we are committed to high-quality pieces that guarantee a sustainable investment and, therefore, a low environmental impact.

Our brands offer detailed information about the origin of the materials they use, the production techniques or if they use recycled materials.

In addition, many of its products have environmental seals and certifications such as: FSC™-certified, LEED, GOTS-certified, etc. You can consult more details about the environmental responsibility of our products on the website of each brand.

We work so that is an eco-efficient website has a seal granted by THE GREEN WEB FOUNDATION that guarantees that is hosted on a server that uses renewable green energy, thus reducing the generation of emissions and saving energy.

Midimal Shop is hosted Green

We also have a carbon emissions report ensuring that is cleaner than 83% of the websites analyzed in Website Carbon Calculator .

Green Web

This website is cleaner than 83% of the websites tested

low emissions

Only 0.18g of CO2 is produced each time someone visits this website.

For a year, with 30,000 monthly visitors produces:

21.21 kg of CO2 equivalent

The same weight as 0.14 sumo wrestlers and as much CO2 as boiling water for 2,875 cups of tea.

1 tree

Midimal web emits the amount of carbon absorbed by 1 tree in a year.

55 kWh of energy

That's enough electricity to drive an electric car 354 km.

You can see the full report on Website Carbon Calculator .

Carbon Neutral Platform - All runs in data centers powered by renewable energy , more information at


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